Experience with Disney’s Haunted House

Haunted houses or structures are Those that are allegedly or supposedly visited by ghosts and spirits who lived there or are familiar with the environment. Some odd activities are reported every now and then in these haunted houses and these structures are connected with tragic or evil occasions like gruesome accidents or suicides. Bizarre sounds emanate from such houses and sometimes objects are seen to fly for no clear reason. Disney haunted house is a structure that is been deliberately made to conjure up images of horror and excitement to people who visit them. Such arrangements are there in Walt Disney world at US, Japan and Paris, and they draw thousands of tourists each year.

Haunted House

TheĀ Carnival of Horrors use many old tricks to Scare the shit out of people who see them. They use video and audio tricks and other special effects to terrorize them. Though it isn’t for real, people go there to derive vicarious thrill and excitement, and it is often said that those who have a weak heart shouldn’t visit these structures as it might cause and heart attack to them, causing health issues. As the people enter the mansion at Disneyland, a peculiar and eerie voice welcomes them. There are lots of disturbing scenes like a guy standing on the keg of a box of dynamite, a young woman about to be captured by a hungry crocodile, and many more like those which make disagreeable and ungainly sights.

Lights suddenly go out, and there are sounds of thunder which Fill the visitors with dread. There are numerous portraits of people hanging around the walls and they suddenly transform into cadavers, corpses and critters. There are statues that suddenly begin to gaze in the traffic, which is really very frightening. You will find Doom Buggies, which take the traffic to upper floors. There is an endless hall, which the people travel on foot, and at the back is a deserted funeral. Visitors see a massive eagle like bird perched atop a tomb where a corpse is attempting to break free. All this is sufficient to drive a few of the visitor’s mad, and there have been cases when people have run away from Disney haunted house midway in their excursion. The mere fact that tens of thousands visit Disney haunted house every Year from their own volition demonstrates that people love to be terrorized and they get delight, thrill and excitement from such activities.